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10 abril 2021

Bohemian Tamale - Episodio 6

Nothingness is becoming Somethingness

With you I can walk and continue without looking back and feeling confused.
Our star elevator is as wide as you can imagine, slowly raising upwards.
Listen to the winds and birds while watching the stars and the clouds.
Beyond the light of the sunset. Before you forget. All is forked.
Follow the noise and waves to be connected with the turtle.
The mix is raising. Waves are passing. We must go now.
Mythologies start from the past towards the future.
Given to your advice. Be the light without a stain.
Nothingness is becoming somethingness
Toes first we fly beyond the feather.
The shadow with a golden blanket.
Together we sand to get her.
You are there. Welcome to
Our new planet of


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